Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Moroccan Style

The life as a designer isn’t as glamorous as one would think! I’m currently sitting in a factory showroom designing jeans and waiting upon the 'Wash Technician' to come back with my designs. I think I should have definitely stayed in PR or Magazines! 

Anyway while I am here and can’t post my photos of London Fashion Week (because they are all the way back home in London) so I thought I could show you some back stage stuff of the Highstreet Fashion Industry.... well the denim part anyway!

The Factory opposite the showroom

Some buttons sitting in a box in the showroom!

Where the denim lives before it becomes jeans

The amazing talented people who make our jeans

Inspiration and development

Ok Ok its not all that bad as this is the view from my hotel window every morning! Its a beautiful city!


  1. These pictures are amazing! I love the collection of buttons; there's a teeny tiny little skull one and it looks pretty awesome

    1. it was like playing 'Where's Wally' looking for that skull! hehe